Once upon a time there was a little girl who was adored by the woodland creatures and trees that lived in the surrounding forest. Most of all, she was dearly loved by her grandmother, and there was nothing that she would not have given for the child, except for maybe a hip replacement.

One special occasion, the little girl was given a little riding hood of blue sand silk, which suited her so well that she would never wear anything else. From then onwards, she was always called 'Little Blue Riding Hood'.

Blue Riding Hood has received a hand-written letter explaining that her grandmother is ill!

Wise guy, eh? We have a no weapons policy.

Behave yourself!

Blue Riding Hood leaves home with her basket and arrives at a crossroad.

Blue Riding Hood arrives at Grandma’s mansion.

Wow! Grandma is LOADED! But I have to enter the digi-passcode to get inside. I think Grandma said it looked something like a castle?

Authentication failed!

Didn't Grandma say something about a castle?

Blue Riding Hood enters Grandma's room.

She looks different from the last visit.

Grandma, what's happened to you?
But how did you get all furry?
Why don't you smell like Grandma?

But that doesn't explain the teeth...

But it looks all tangled and dirty!

I don't think that's it though...

The Wolf jumps from the bed and throws aside Grandma's dressing gown!

Blue Riding Hood is chased into another room. How will she escape?

You can't fly a hot air balloon!

Try something more realistic!

Blue Riding Hood is inches from being devoured when the barber Jean-Paul Le Pen arrives.

"Gertrude darling, I'm hear for you're usual perm... WHAT!?" The frightened Wolf leaps out the door to escape, but Jean-Paul Le Pen is in pursuit!

The Barber tracks down the Wolf, but can’t see where he is hidden.

Find that nasty beast!

Why are you cutting down the forest?

Find the Wolf!

With the help of the Barber and the threat of a clean shave, you rescue Grandma from the Wolf's den.
She's so happy to be saved! You rock!

Sadly, Grandma has passed away as you took the long route to her mansion.
The Wolf had already indulged in a tasty meal!
Next time, stay focused!